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Castles History Project

More Castle Facts

Castle Facts
More Castle Facts
Motte and Bailey Castles
Shell Keep
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Tower Keeps

Here we have some more Castle Facts

  • In time of war, the lord’s tenantry, fulfilling one of their feudal obligations would garrison the castle; castle-guard. Once the crisis was past, the garrison would revert to being farmers and farm workers.
  • Norman’s introduced castles to England.
  • Castles were the means by which William the Conqueror and his followers maintained their hold on England following their victory over the English army.
  • 1067, while William himself was away dealing with problems in Normandy, his two co-regents in England (Bishop Odo of Bayeux and Earl William Fitz Osborn) built castles widely throughout the kingdom and kept the poor people poor.
  • Nearly every baron had a castle to secure his newly acquired lands and to protect himself and his family from Saxon attacks
  • Once the Norman’s stopped conquering they replaced Motte and Bailey castles with walls and towers of stone.

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