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Castle Facts

Castle Facts
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Some castle facts.

  • Different castles were built for different owners.


  • Castles were usually built for one purpose( a church, a house, a factory, a school, a bank, a hotel )


  • Also could be a military base, a seat of government, a court and a stronghold for the surrounding region.


  • But it was mainly the private residence of its owner, his family and his dependants.


  • Iron Age peoples of Ancient Britain fortified hilltops with massive earthworks for tribal defence.



  • The Romans dotted the countryside with innumerable military encampments and built the impressive chain of fortresses, known as the Saxon Shore forts.


  • When the king gave the tenants-in-chief land he had to provide lots of knights for the king so he had to build big bases from which to operate (the barons also lived here with his family, friends and servants). These bases had to be well defended so the barons built a castle.


  • Castle life was mainly peaceful as nobility and gentlemen lived in them and it is Hollywood that has given castles an image of sieges and bloody battles.

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